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 Visitor Testimonals

Want to visit one of our shows, but you have no idea what to expect when you get to one?

Have a read through some of the testimonials below from people who have visited a show, and what their experience was like, to help you visualise what you can expect from a Boutique Baby Show.

Great variety of stalls, as a mum to be it was great to find out about all the groups and activities in my area, and I loved all the handmade stalls. Great show, I will definitely be coming again!

~ Emma, Leeds Visitor
All the suppliers were there who can help parents to plan and get an idea or product for the baby who is arriving in this new world or is exploring the new world. I like the crochet apparels

~ Brenda, Leeds Visitor
The vendors who made themselves helpful and approachable. I understand you can't control that as event host, but it does make a difference

~ Dawn, Leeds Visitor
I had a small list of groups I was hoping to find and you managed to cover them all! First aid, swimming and baby massage!

~ Becky, Leeds Visitor
I liked the variety of the stalls, it touched on all the aspects of a growing baby!

~ Lisa, Leeds Visitor
Enjoyed chatting to staff running local groups. Get advice details about their products. Some vendors have discounts on the day which was good.

~ Emma, Leeds Visitor
So come and visit us at our next show in your area, we would love to see you